Settify Integration

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Settify is a comprehensive family law intake and lead generation tool for family law practitioners that helps generate leads and capture information from your clients in relation to their family law matters. You can learn more about Settify by visiting their website: Settify.

Our Settify integration will help you save time and be more efficient because you will no longer have to type in your client information in Smokeball manually.

What is involved in the Integration?

The Settify integration with Smokeball is in its first version and currently only supports the pre-population of contact data from Settify into a Smokeball matter.

How do I get a Settify account, and how much does it cost?

Book a demo with Settify on their website to get started and discuss pricing options.

Using the Integration

How do I activate my Settify integration?

You need to follow the following steps in order to activate the integration.

Step 1: Log into your Settify account and click on Configure Settify

image(149) (1).png

Step 2: Click on Integrations

image(150) (1).png

Step 3: Select Smokeball as the practice management software you wish to integrate with

image(151) (1).png

Step 4: Click Connect


Step 5: Sign in to Smokeball


Step 6: Once the connection is established, you will receive confirmation and be given the option to edit the default Settings for matters created in Smokeball


N.B. You should only need to set this up once unless you select to disconnect the integration.

My integration is now activated - how does it all work?

This is an overview of the entire workflow:

Step 1: A potential new family law client completes the Settify intake questionnaire via your firm's website or a link you provide them


*The screenshot is an example from Nest Legal who is a Smokeball client that has the Settify intake form on their website.

Step 2: You receive an email notifying you of a new lead, and you make a decision on whether or not to take the matter on

Step 3: If you are taking the matter, open the Settify matter dashboard and confirm there is no conflict


Step 4: Click on the Settify matter 


Step 5: Click on the Smokeball icon before clicking on Create Smokeball matter


Step 6: Wait a few seconds before receiving confirmation that a matter has successfully been created in Smokeball. 

How do I access the matter in Smokeball?

In the first version of the integration, there is no Matter ID you can use as a Settify client to locate the matter in Smokeball. The best way to locate the matter is by using the Smokeball search function and typing in the name of your client or other side.


What data pre-populates in Smokeball?

At this stage, only the following data pre-populates from Settify into Smokeball.

  • Matter Type*
  • Client - Full Name, Gender, Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Other Side - Full Name, Gender, Address, Email, Phone Number


*The only supported matter types are Children, Children & Property, and Property.


How do I get support for any technical issues with my Settify integration?

If you need assistance with the Settify integration, contact Settify on their website.

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