Manage multiple trust accounts

In Smokeball, you can easily manage all of your trust accounts. 

This is helpful if your firm is switching to a new trust account or manages multiple trust accounts across different states.

Add an additional trust account

  1. In Firm Settings, select the Accounts tab and then select the Trust Account Settings tab to view all your trust accounts.
  2. Select the Add Trust Account to link another trust account to Smokeball. 
  3. Note: You will need to select a state for your trust account. You should choose the state where you practice, not the state where the bank is located. 

Edit trust account details

Select a trust account from the table on Trust & Account Settings to edit its name, display name, bank details, and branch.


To further edit the way trust accounts are handled in Smokeball, navigate to the Trust and Operating Checks or Trust Transaction Numbering tabs.

  • You can use the drop-down menu to choose which specific account will be updated.
  • Use Trust and Operating Checks to update check settings and use Trust Transaction Numbering to set unique transaction numbering on a per-trust account basis. 

View trust accounts

You can view all your open trust accounts on the Accounts page under the Transactions tab.


You can also view individual trust accounts by selecting the Transactions tab in a matter or contact. This view will only show the trust account transactions associated with that specific matter or contact. 

Managing funds with multiple trust accounts

Trust deposits and trust payments

When creating a new deposit or trust payment, select the correct trust account from the Account dropdown menu.




Use the Account drop-down menu on the Invoices tab to select an account for applying trust funds to invoices in bulk.

  • Only matters for the selected trust account state will show.

Invoice payments

Use the Type drop-down menu to select which account to use when applying trust funds to an invoice.


Reconciling multiple trust accounts

Select the Bank Reconciliation tab on the Accounts page to choose which trust account you wish to reconcile or generate deposit slips for.


Managing evergreen retainers and multiple trusts

The minimal thresholds for Evergreen Retainers will be calculated based on the total balance of trust for the matter. 

If there is a connected payment provider, then the link which is sent out is determined by the first satisfying criteria, in order:

  1. Default trust account for the matter
  2. Default trust account for the state
  3. First eligible account on the matter

Did You Know

  • Each trust account you create can be connected to LawPay under Firm Settings.
  • Each trust account you create can be connected to QuickBooks under Firm Settings.
  • Use the Account drop-down menu on the Reports page to filter trust reports by a single account or all accounts combined. 
  • The Display Name for your trust account is internal and will not appear on client-facing documents.
  • You cannot close a trust account that has unreconciled items. 
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