Manually mark an invoice as sent

Available on Smokeball Bill, Boost and the Grow and Prosper+ Cloud Companion App

If you sent an invoice to your client by mail or delivered it in person, you can manually mark it as sent to keep track of its status in Smokeball.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Invoices tab in the Matter.
  2. Select the three dots icon on the right-hand side of the invoice list next for the relevant invoice.
  3. Select Mark as Sent.
  4.  Choose the date sent and the method of sending from the Sent via drop-down menu. Add internal notes if needed.
  5. Select Mark as Sent.

Invoices marked as sent are denoted with a green checkmark in the invoice list.

Did You Know

You can also mark invoices as sent in bulk from the global Invoices view. 


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