Workers Compensation Workflows

This article walks through some example workflows for Workers Compensation matters. Since every law firm and jurisdiction may be a little different, we encourage you to edit this workflow based on your own preferences or jurisdictional requirements.

If you are new to Smokeball and Workflows, review Workflows on specifics on how to create a workflow. It is simple to assign tasks to an attorney responsible, person assisting, or specific staff members.

Sample Workers Compensation Workflow

  1. Intake (on matter opening)
  2. Initial filing (on 1 completion)
    1. Attorney Representation Agreement IC10
    2. Application for Adjustment of Claim IC01
  3. Check in on client’s treatment (2 months after 2) *This can be entered every 3 months right before the arbitrator’s hearing.

Treatment Complete Workflow

  1. Gather records and bills (on day workflow applied)
  2. Prepare demand letter (after 4 done)

Requesting file date

  1. 3 years from filing date (critical date)
    1. Once a case has been pending for three years, parties must show there is a good reason for not moving on the case. Arbitrators make special efforts to move these cases toward resolution.

Be sure to include templates and forms into your workflow:

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