Workers Compensation Forms

Proprietary Documents to Submit for Client Automation

Court and Authority Forms Outside of Illinois and California

Illinois Court and Authority Forms

California Court and Authority Forms

Proprietary Documents to Submit for Client Automation

Smokeball can help generate your proprietary letters and documents quickly and accurately from our Forms and Templates Library.  Below are some popular forms to submit or work with your Account Manager to automate in Smokeball:

  • Client Correspondence
    • Update/Status Letter
    • Closing Letters
  • Letters of Representation
    • Insurers
    • Medical Providers
  • Record Requests
    • Medical Providers
  • Discovery
  • Subpoenas
  • Complaints

Court and Authority Forms Outside Illinois and California

If Smokeball does not have the most commonly workers' compensation commission or court forms for a particular state, please send them to us and we'll work on adding them to the form library.

Illinois Court & Authority Forms

Smokeball has all the IWCC mandated forms in the Forms and Templates Library.

  • Subpoena (IC16)
  • Noticed of Motion and Order (IC04)
  • Application for Adjustment of Claim (Application for Benefits) (IC01)
  • Attorney Representation agreement (IC10)
  • Request for Hearing (IC09)
  • Petition for an Immediate Hearing under Section 19(b) of the Act (IC07)
  • Appearance of Representation (IC06)

California Court & Authority Forms

Smokeball's Forms & Templates library is a place to find all your templates including letters and court and authority forms. Depending on which state you are located, you may find your forms in different folders. When you open the forms/templates library in California, you will see some shortcuts saved in your default folders.

Smokeball also includes California's Judicial Council Forms and Local County Forms. If there is a Judicial or Local County form that is not available, Smokeball's Content team will add it to the library for use. 

Smokeball offers about 20 California Workers' Compensation Commission forms in the form library--note that these are not Judicial Council forms.

To learn more about California forms, review the California Forms article.

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