IL Workers Compensation Matter Type Overview

This section walks through everything you need to know about Smokeball's newest Illinois Workers' Compensation Matter Type.

Check back later for more in-depth articles and videos about this new exciting matter type.

This new matter type features:

  • The ability to enter multiple case numbers
  • A comprehensive benefits calculator that calculates Average Weekly Wage, TTD, PPD, TPD, and PTD

  • A medicals section that will allow your office to easily track invoices, balances owed, and medical record requests.

  • New in matter Reports to help you analyze the data you have entered into the matter

  • Improved Case Details

What this Means for You

All existing Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim matter types will remain unchanged. All new matters you create going forward after May 15th will be the new matter type. Your automated documents should still continue to work as normal. Should you encounter any automation issues with this new matter type, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What You Need to Do

Once the new matter type is released, you will need to:

  • Recreate workflows for the new matter type if you have workflows configured for Illinois Workers’ Compensation Claim;
  • Set up Matter Configuration in Smokeball Settings

We can help you with these processes once the new matter type is released; just call our support line or submit a ticket through the Support tab.


We are very excited to release this new matter type after over a year of research and work, and we want to thank our wonderful clients who have provided us with information and feedback about the new matter type prior to its release. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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