IL Workers Compensation Contacts

This article walks through the best practices of managing contacts in the Illinois Workers Compensation Matter Type.

Petitioner Details and Petitioner Health Insurance Details

Respondent Details and Insurance Details

Additional Contacts

Petitioner, Petitioner Details, and Petitioner Health Insurance Details

  • In addition to tracking the Petitioner, Smokeball's Illinois Workers Compensation matter type can track additional petitioner details
  • Enter in the number of Dependents, State Employee Status, Job Title, and MMI Date in Petitioner Details

  • Smokeball can also auto-fill the Age and Marital Status on Petitioner Details.
    • To auto-fill this information, enter the Birth Date and Marital Status on the advanced view of a contact.

  • Petitioner Health Insurance details including Insurance Type, Insurer, Adjuster, Group Numbers, CMS Liability ID No., and Plans can also be tracked under the Petitioner.

Respondent Details and Insurance Details

  • Respondent's attorney and insurance details including adjusters are located under Respondent.

Additional Contacts

  • By default, an IME Doctor will be displayed. Select matter options to add or remove additional contacts.

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