Set up and use matter stages

Available on Smokeball Prosper

Matter Stages are a great way to help organize your matters.

This feature allows you to stay on top of where each matter is, so you can give your clients the best service.

You can even have automated messages sent to clients via Communicate with Matter Stages.

How to Set Up Matter Stages

Matter Stages can be set up in Smokeball Settings.

  • To create Matter Stages, select "add new."

  • (1) Create a title for the stage and (2) select which Matter Types you would like the Matter Stage to be available for.

Working with Matter Stages

Once you have set up your Matter Stages, it is easy to apply them to a Matter.

  • Select the Matter Stages dropdown and the appropriate stage.


  • As you work through your matters, select "go to this stage" to move to the next stage.


  • It is easy to switch to different Matter Stage configurations on matters.
    • This feature is very helpful for working with complicated matters that have multiple levels or potential paths.


  • You can organize or track the status of your matters on Smokeball's Home Screen by filtering or sorting by Matter Stages.
    • Note: If you don't see "Matter Stage" as a heading, right-click on the header to add the option.


Automated Communicate Messages

Communicate is a secure messaging and file-sharing feature included in Smokeball.  


Matter Stages can automatically send messages to your client as you move them along the process.


This helpful feature allows you to stay in touch with clients on the status of their matter.

  • Follow the instructions for (1) when to send the message, (2) the party receiving the message, (3) the content of the message)
    • Note: You can add an automated field by selecting the field and inserting it into your Communicate message.

  • Once the new setting is saved and you move stages within a matter, you will receive a prompt to send the Communicate message.


  • Your client will receive a secure message and all Communicate messages are stored in the Communicate tab. Learn more about Communicate.
    • Note: If your client has not previously used Communicate, they will receive an invite with instructions on how to use this feature.

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