Create a New Matter

Available on Smokeball Bill, Boost, Grow and Prosper+

A Matter is a digital copy of your paper file that allows you to store all related data, documents, emails, tasks, and other documentation in one place for easy access.

Smokeball is tailored to your area(s) of law and jurisdiction, so every matter type will vary based on what you need for each file.

How to Create a New Matter

Grow/Prosper+Web app Boost Bill

Smokeball Grow or Prosper+

  1. Select the New Matter button from Smokeball's Home Screen.
  2. Select the Matter Type you want to create and party you are representing (if applicable) 
  3. Complete the Matter Details section to create the matter 
    • Not all matter details need to be entered immediately. However, it is best practice to enter as much information as possible to save yourself time when generating documents.
    • The minimum amount of information you must include when opening a matter is Info and Client info.
      • The appearance of the Client info field will vary depending on the matter type (e.g., Petitioner, Plaintiff, Defendant, Insurer, Buyer, Seller, etc.). Regardless of the title, it will always be the second field in the Matter Details section. blobid1.png

Entering Matter Info

  1. Double-click on the Info.
  2. Select the Matter tab and complete the following fields:
    • Status
      • This is where you will change the matter to Open, Closed, Deleted, or Cancelled. By default, it is set to Open. 
    • Matter opened and matter closed dates
    • Internal Reference (matter number) and Re Line 
    • Matter Description 
      • Enter additional information about the matter in this textbox. 
      • Note: Matter Description is searchable in Smokeball as well.
    • Attorney Responsible, Person Assisting, and Originating Attorney
    • Referral Type, Referrer, and Referral Arrangement Fee.
      • Referral information can be used to generate a Firm Insights report to help you understand where your matters are coming from.
      • Use the drop-down menu to change the fee to percentage-based, flat fee, or other. blobid0.png


Entering Billing Info

  • Select the Billing tab on the Matter info window.
  • Choose the Billing Type from the dropdown menu. You have options for Fixed Fee, Time-Based, and Contingency billing. You can also designate the matter as non-billable.
    • The field beneath the Billing Type dropdown menu allows you to input a fee/estimate. 
  • Use the provided fields to add debtors.
  • Use the dropdown menu to select the billing units. 
  • Select your rates. Choose Do not override rate if you wish to keep your staff's normal rates. Alternatively, you can use a rate set, override the rate for all staff, or override the default rate per staff member.
  • If applicable, you can also enable LEDES/UTBMS billing

Entering Client Info 

  • Double click on the Client Info field (Petitioner in the example below). 
    • Select the Contact Details tab and complete the following fields:
      • Title
        • It is important to always include a title for your contacts. Smokeball uses the title to help automate gender in documents.
      • Gender
      • You can choose Male, Female, X, or leave the gender blank.
      • Name
      • Phone and fax numbers
      • Email address
      • You can select a formal, informal, or custom greeting for letters.
      • Enter additional information about the client in the Notes textbox.
    • Enter the client’s address using the field in the left-hand pane. 
    • Once you enter a contact name, you can select the Additional Details tab and complete the following fields:
      • Marital Status
      • Occupation
      • Birth Details
      • Death Details
      • You can also enter identification numbers, citizenship status, passport information, or LEDES ID as needed. 
  • Learn more about Contact Best Practices.


Did You Know

  • Our team of legal professionals work with our clients to make sure our matters are built specifically for your area of law and jurisdiction. 
  • Smokeball creates new matter types by request. Talk to your account manager and request a new matter type if you need a different matter type by contacting support.


Q: Can I add a matter to an existing matter?

A: No. You cannot create "2-for-1" matters. An existing client can have multiple matters, but these matters must be created separately. 

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