*This feature is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper users.

Smokeball integrates with RingCentral to be able to record the time spent on phone calls with Smokeball.

The RingCentral integration tool is very helpful when using AutoTime and Firm Insights to understand matter profitability.

If you have a RingCentral account, you are ready to set up the integration and track incoming and outbound calls.

This article will walk you through how to set up the integration and how the integration works.

How to Set Up RingCentral

Download the RingCentral Applications

How RingCentral Works with Smokeball

How to set up RingCentral

  • Once you have a RingCentral account, select "Integrations" in Smokeball Settings.
    • Select, "Enable Phone System Integration," RingCentral, and Authorize.

  • Follow the login instructions and select "Authorize."
    • Once the integration has been authorized in RingCentral, you will see a confirmation message.

  • To finalize the setup in Smokeball, add:
    • (1) Call Log Interval: this is how often (in minutes) Smokeball will look for completed calls and create tasks
    • (2) Select which staff members are related to each extension and save your settings.


Download the RingCentral Desktop Phone App

When calling on your mobile phone, make sure you download the RingCentral App available on the Apple or Google Store.

You can also use the desktop RingCentral app to make calls from your PC.

How to RingCentral Works with Smokeball:

  • Once the integration is created, you will be able to click a link in Smokeball to call the client. 
  • Note: for proper tracking, calls must be made using the RingCentral desktop application.
  • Once a call is completed, a task will will be completed and added to your Smokeball activity. Note: If you do not see the task right away, you may need to refresh activity or wait a few minutes for the task to appear.
    • You can attach a memo or any document of the task or insert additional notes or comments on the task

Did You Know

  • If you receive a call that does not have an open matter, the call will be logged under the phone number. If you receive a call from a contact already in Smokeball that isn't associated with a matter, a task will also be logged.
    • Note: Smokeball Contacts do not sync with RingCentral contacts.
  • If you download the desktop application for RingCentral, you can make VOIP calls through your PC as well. When you receive a call, a pop up will flash and your PC will give you notifications for missed calls or voicemails.

  • Tasks will be logged for all calls completed through the desktop RingCentral App as well.

  • RingCentral has a mobile application. If you make a call from the RingCentral mobile app, the call will also be logged in Smokeball.
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