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Video conferencing is becoming the new way of communicating with both your colleagues and your clients. For law firms, that means spending more time than ever on video calls, keeping track of meeting IDs, and the time spent on these calls.

To make this process easier, Smokeball integrates with Zoom for Calendar Events:

  • Use Zoom Automated meeting ID generation in Smokeball events
  • Start your Zoom meetings straight from Smokeball 
  • Automatically and accurately track time spent in your Zoom meetings

This article walks through everything you need to know about Smokeball's Zoom Integration.

Additional Zoom Help

This article focuses on how to integrate Zoom with Smokeball. If you are searching for resources on using Zoom or need help learning the basics (e.g., creating a meeting, using passcodes, etc.) please review Zoom's support articles

Create a Zoom Account

Authorize or Deauthorize Zoom in Smokeball Settings

Smokeball Zoom Settings

Using Zoom for Smokeball Calendar Events

Automatic Time Tracking for Smokeball Zoom Calendar Events

Create a Zoom Account

Prior to using your Zoom integration with Smokeball, you will need to set up a Zoom account.

Authorize or Deauthorize Zoom in Smokeball Settings

From Zoom Integration in Smokeball Settings, select Authorize and then select Save.


Sign into Zoom using your account admin/owner credentials. A confirmation message will appear when the integration is ready to use.


If at any point you need to remove the Zoom Integration from Smokeball:

From Zoom Integration in Smokeball Settings, select Deauthorize.


If at any point you need to uninstall the Smokeball integration from your Zoom account:

  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Smokeball app. Select the Smokeball App to uninstall.

Set up Smokeball Zoom settings 

Once you have authorized Zoom in Smokeball, you need to set up default settings. 

  1. Set your Minimum Meeting Duration is a setting used to control your Activity Tracking. 
    • If a meeting you are in falls under the selected time, no activity will be recorded.
  2. Map Zoom users to Smokeball Users:
    • Users are mapped from your Zoom account and matched up with the related Smokeball user. This feature is to allow Smokeball to know your Personal Meeting ID when you join a meeting in Zoom.
    • You will see your Smokeball user names appear in the left column and their Zoom Personal Meeting ID in the right column.
    • Note: Users are mapped based on the email address listed in their staff card 
      • Only enabled Users are mapped to Zoom (if the person is set up a staff member only, the mapping will not work) 
        • Please see Staff and Users for more information on managing your Smokeball accounts
      • Mapping will automatically update as users are added to either Smokeball or Zoom

Using Zoom for Smokeball Calendar Events

Once you have authorized your account, you will see a new Zoom button available to you in the action bar. This button is also present on the Matter action bar. 

  • Use the Zoom Button to schedule or start Zoom meetings directly from Smokeball.
    • Schedule an Event: Create a Calendar Event using Zoom.

    • Start an Existing Event: Open a list of your scheduled Calendar Events to begin any meeting.

    • Start a new meeting: Start a new (unscheduled) meeting with a randomly generated Zoom meeting ID.

    • Go to My Meeting Room: Start a new (unscheduled) meeting using your personal Zoom meeting ID.

When creating a calendar event, Zoom IDs will be available to add to your calendar event.

  • Select use Zoom to add Zoom ID credentials to a Smokeball Calendar Event.
  • The event will automatically assign your Zoom Personal Meeting ID. If you wish to assign colleagues they will be available in the drop-down.
  • You can also assign a Meeting ID to existing events when opening them from anywhere in Smokeball.

To start any Calendar Event, select Start an Existing Event:

  • Select the event you wish to start and select OK. You will be taken directly into the meeting.
  • If there is no Zoom ID pre-assigned to the event, it will default to use your Personal Meeting ID.
  • If there are multiple users joining the meeting from Smokeball, It will set the PMI of the first person to join the meeting and update the event accordingly.

You can also start, edit, or access the meeting invite directly from a Calendar Event.

Automatic Time Tracking for Smokeball Zoom Calendar Events

  • When starting meetings via the Smokeball integration, you gain the benefit of being able to automatically track the time you spend in that meeting. 
  • If the meeting runs overtime, your Smokeball event and activity will be updated to reflect the accurate time that was spent. 
  • Existing events in Smokeball will track time via the event. Unscheduled meetings will be tracked as tasks and can be added to matters after.
  • Learn more about Automatic Time Tracking in Smokeball.

Did You Know

If you need to add external parties (e.g., clients) to a calendar event, you cannot do so through Zoom. However, you can invite the external parties to a calendar event created directly in Smokeball with the Client Portal. 

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