Authorized Contact and Edit Role Legal Description

If you are working in matter and notice there is a particular field that is not available and you've already looked at matter options. It is possible to take any contact and edit the legal role and description.

The best practice is to use "Authorized Contact"

How to use Authorized Contact and Edit Role & Legal Description

  • Add "Authorized Contact" from the matter options to the matter details
    • (1) Select the gear on the top right of a matter
    • (2) Select the check box to add "Authorized Contact"

  • Add desired contact information to the "Authorized Contact" field
  • Once you've added a party, right click and select "Edit Role & Legal Description." Note: You can "Edit Role & Legal Description" for any party in the matter details.

  • Override and edit the "role" or enter the descriptor of the party

  • The desired "role" will appear next to the party in the Matter Details

Did you know...

  • You can add additional authorized contacts by right clicking on the field and following the steps for additional parties.

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