Communicate Client Portal Third Party Experience

You were sent this link because your law firm uses Smokeball's Communicate Client Portal. The client portal is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing system.

The client portal allows you to share confidential information with your firm in a secure way compared to email. You will need to verify your identity using two factor identification so you will always have the peace of mind that your information is safe and secure.

You can also download the Smokeball Communicate Client Portal Mobile App on the Apple or Google Play Store to chat with your law firm.

Account Setup

  • When you receive your first secure message, you will receive a notification via email to set up your Communicate Client Portal account. 
    • Select Get Started to set up your account and start sending messages or reviewing documents securely. 
  • Log into the Communicate Client Portal 
    • Brand new client portal users: If you are accessing the Communicate Client Portal for the first time, you will be required to authenticate your email address with two factor authentication.
    • Returning client portal users: If you are returning to an existing recent conversation, you will be taken straight into the conversation using two factor authentication.
    • Note: If you are accessing a historic conversation, you may need to request a new secure link (secure links expiry after 7 days).

  • Once logged in using two factor authentication, you can update your user profile by selecting your name on the top right of your web browser.

Navigating the Communicate Client Portal

Select Overview to see all your most recent files, invoices, and recent messages in a central location. You can then:

  • Select Messages from the left-hand menu to view all of your conversations.
  • Select Documents from the left-hand menu to view all of your files. 
  • Select Billing to view your outstanding invoices.
  • Select Intake Forms to view and complete intake forms sent to you by your attorney. 

  • Select the conversation you want to review. If you are involved in multiple conversations, all conversations will be listed on the left side of the screen.
  • Use the tabs to toggle between the message history, files, and pinned messages. 
  • Review individual messages and/or attachments.
  • Respond to messages and attach files.

Send Messages and Files

  • From the conversation, type any message and select the paper clip to attach files to the message. 
    • Attachments can be dragged and dropped into the window or by selecting the files from your computer.

  • Once a message has been sent, it can be edited or reviewed by selecting the three dots located to each message.

  • Select any attachment to review the file. 
    • Select the arrow in the upper left to go back to the conversation.
    • Preview the document.
    • Add additional comments to the file. Note: All comments will also appear in the main conversation.
    • Select the three dot icons in the upper right to Download a copy of the file. You can also choose the Download All option if multiple files are available. 

You can also select Files from the home page for a list of all the files you have received across all your cases. 

View and complete Intake Forms

Use the widget in the upper right to view, complete, and send intake forms to your attorney.

Alert Messages and Mobile App

When new messages are sent, an email notification will be sent to view the new message.

If you are using the Communicate Client Portal Mobile App, an additional notification will also be sent.

  • Log in to review the message and/or shared file(s).

  • When not using the Communicate Client Portal app, notifications will be sent to your phone.


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