Contact Tags

Every Smokeball Contact that is used in Matters will have a Smokeball default tag based on their role.

It is possible to add custom Contact Tags to further organize Contacts. More importantly, any Contact Tags can be used to export or sync lists for Email Marketing with Smokeball's integration with Campaign Monitor.

Before your firm starts using contact tags, the best practice is to discuss what custom tags you want to use (Example: You don't want to have similar tags that serve the same purpose - "Holiday List" and "Christmas List").

How to Add a Contact Tag

  • All Contact Tags are listed on the top right of the advanced view of a Contact card.

  • Select the "+" to add additional custom tags. Any previously used Contact Tags will auto-fill as you type.
    • Note: There is no limit on the amount of tags that can be added to a contact.

  • You can view any of your custom Contact Tags in the Contacts View of Smokeball.
    • Select any Tag to filter your Contacts.

  • You can remove a contact tag, by right clicking on the tag you want to remove.

    • Note: Smokeball default tags cannot be removed.

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