Contacts View

As you enter contacts into Smokeball or after your contacts are imported during your initial configuration process, the Contact View is your home for all your Smokeball Contacts.

If you are new to Smokeball and want to have your Contacts imported into Smokeball, review Contact Imports and send your Contacts to your Account Manager.

Your contacts are also available on the Mobile App for quick access.

Contacts View Basics

  • Select the Contacts View from the Smokeball main screen
  • There are a variety of ways to filter or find a specific contact
    • (1) Smokeball creates default tags when a contact is associated with a matter. Select a folder to filter your Contacts.
    • (2) Custom Contact Tags can be used to further organize, categorize, and email market to Contacts. Learn more about Contact Tags and Email Marketing.
    • (3) Use the filter to jump to any Contact. Double click on any contact to open a new window.
    • (4) Search for any contact.

  • When you view a Contact Card
    • (1) Quickly jump to the Contact Details, any Matters associated with the contact, or send Email Marketing to the client through Smokeball's integration with Campaign Monitor.
    • (2) Review or edit any Contact details. Note: Smokeball has a lot of additional fields available to use in "additional details" and any field can be used to fill in Templates & Forms.
    • (3)Review all, add, or remove Contact Tags

  • You can export any contact list to a CSV file

  • You can create contacts from the home screen Action Bar or from the Contacts Area. Note: That contact will not be associated with any matter until it is used in a matter. The best practice is to always create contacts from a matter.


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