Contacts Best Practices

Depending on your area of law, you can utilize some of the best practices below when entering parties into a matter for your contacts to help with automation. For example: it may be necessary to add two separate parties on the same matter or add two parties tied together on one contact.

Below are some basic guidelines to help you as you are entering parties into matters.

If you are unsure what would be the best practice or are not sure how to enter something into a matter, review additional tips and tricks on the Area of Law Practice Center or reach out to your Account Manager.

Contacts Best Practices

  • Adding Additional Parties to a Matter (referred to separately or at different address)

  • Adding Two Parties to the Same Contact (referred to together or at the same address)

  • Adding Attorney
    • Enter as a Firm/Organization/Business. Note: Even if the attorney is a solo practitioner. Enter them as an organization and name the firm "Law office of..."
    • Add Attorney(s) as individual contacts

  •  Adding Organizations/Businesses with multiple locations (Example: Real Estate title companies or realtors):
    • (1) Enter as a person
    • (2) Designate location under "Care of" line

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