Mobile App Contacts

When you are on the go, the Smokeball Mobile App is your place for all your contacts.

There is no longer a need to sync your business contacts to your phone since everything you need is located in Smokeball.

Mobile App Contacts Basics

  • From the home screen select the "^" to select Contacts.

  • Search (or find) and select the Contact.
    • You can add a contact by selecting the "+" on the top right.

  • Contacts include basic information. To jump to any matters a contact is associated with, use the buttons at the top.

  • Select any Contact's phone number to quickly call the person.

  • Select the Contact's email to send an email.
    • Note: If you are sending an email through your phone's email, it will not automatically save to Smokeball. Smokeball's email integration is through Outlook. It is easy to manually tag any emails not associated with a tagged email chain in Outlook. Learn more about Email Management.

  • Select the Contact's address to pull up directions in your phone's navigation app.

  • Every Matter has a Details section that includes all relevant contacts associated with that matter.

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