Create a new contact


Every time you add a person, entity, or trust to Smokeball, the details are saved to a contact card. Smokeball remembers all the details for future use.

  1. Select the New Contact button.
  2. In the Create a contact window, choose Person, Firm/Business/Organization, or Trust. blobid0.pngblobid1.png
  3. The choice of contact type depends on the party you are working with:


    Choose this contact type when the party you are entering is an individual.


    Choose if the contact is an entity, law office, solo attorney, etc. (trusts excepted). 


    Choose if the entity you are entering is a Trust.

  4. Complete as many fields as possible and then select the Save button.
    • At minimum, you need to complete the Name field to save a contact. 

Advanced view

  • Once a contact name is entered, you can access the advanced view. You can also double-click on a contact after its creation to pull up the advanced view. 
  • Use the advanced view to add even additional contact details, such as attorney registration numbers/IDs. 



Additional tips

  • Remember to always include a title when adding a Person— that information is used to assign gender for Document Automation. blobid3.png
    • You can also select an unspecified or another gender identity for your contacts.
      • When entering a new contact or editing an existing contact, you can select Mx as the title.


  • You can also select X as a gender option in the contact card.
  • When working with Document Automation, they/them/their/theirself pronouns will be associated with that gender option.


Did You Know

  • The Given Name/s and Last Name dropdown menus displays additional details, such as email address, phone number, or physical address, to make it easier to add contacts with the same name or duplicate contacts to a matter.
  • If you need to associate an individual contact with a specific case, you can do so in matter details and assign them to the appropriate role.
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