Deposit and Payment Receipts

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Use Smokeball Billing to provide receipts for payments or deposits made to your Trust and Operating Retainer. In this article, learn how to:

  • Configure your trust account receipts settings
  • Generate a PDF receipt for any trust transaction.

Set up trust account receipts settings

  1. Select the gear icon to open Billing settings.
  2. Select Accounts and then select the Trust Account Settings tab.
  3. If you are setting up the trust account for the first time, select Add Trust Account, complete the fields in the Add Trust Account window, and then select Save.
    • Your receipts will use the same Trust Account Name you enter in this window.
  4. Use the drop-down menus to make sure you are matching the correct trust account to each state.
  5. Optional: You can choose to Always open a PDF receipt after you create a trust deposit using the toggle.
  6. If you do not toggle Always open PDF receipt under Trust Account settings, you can still open the receipt when making an individual deposit or payment by selecting the Open PDF receipt now checkbox.


Generate a Receipt

  • If a receipt is not generated by default, you can generate a receipt at any time from the individual transactions tab of a matter by selecting the three dots and then selecting Print Receipt.
  • A PDF will open in a new tab to email, download, or print.


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