Edit Waive Write Off or Void Invoices

Once an invoice is created, Smokeball Billing has additional options to Edit, Waive, Void, or Write Off invoices.

How to Edit, Waive, Void, or Write Off Invoices

  • Open any invoice by selecting it from an invoice list.
    • Edit: Moves the invoice back into draft form.  Note: If a payment has already been made to an invoice, the "edit" option will not appear. You must reverse or delete a payment prior to being able to edit a finalized invoice with a payment. Select the "payment" tab on the invoice to reverse a payment.
    • Void: Reverses any payments or transactions and allows for entries to be put on another invoice.  Note: A copy of the voided invoice will be viewable.
    • Waive: Use to write off the remaining balance of the invoice.  Note: A waive can be reversed.

  •  If you can not see the option to Edit or Void options, you must delete the payment associated with the invoice.

    • Under the Payments tab of the invoice, select the payment to delete. You must provide a reason for deleting the transaction for accounting purposes.

    • Note: You could choose to "reverse" a payment when a check needs to be returned. If you made an error, choose to delete the transaction.

  • You can write off individual line items of an invoice from a draft invoice by selecting the "$."

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