Family Law Software

Smokeball will have an integration with Family Law Software for tracking financials, assets, and liabilities. 

Family Law Software is a software used by thousands of Family Law firms for:

  • Calculating child support,
  • Preparing financial forms for the court
  • Value defined benefit pensions
  • Dividing assets
  • Completing financial projections to help clients consider alternatives and understand the implications of their decisions.

Learn more about Family Law Software on their website.

Family Law Software Integration Overview

  • If Family Law Software is installed locally on a PC, a Family Law Software button will be available in matters.
  • If Family Law Software is not installed, but you practice in the below states, the button will appear and when clicked on will take to a landing page which explains the integration.
    • California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  • Selecting the button opens up a new client file in Family Law Software.

  • Family Law Software will open up and details entered into Smokeball will automatically populate in the Client Info & Negotiate tabs.
    • Some of the information that will come over includes: parties, case number, children & birth dates, employer details, etc.

  • Select the PDF button to save any of the Family Law Software details directly to Smokeball.
    • If you export to Word or Excel, these files can still be saved to Smokeball as well.
    • Once you are finished working in Family Law Software, you can close the program.

  • Any PDF documents will be saved in the Smokeball documents section.
  • The Family Law Software Client File will also be accessible. Select the file with the Family Law Software to open and return to the client's file at any time.
    • Re-opening will allow you to edit or add any additional details in Family Law Software.

  • If you select the Family Law Software Button and a client file has already been created, options will appear to open the existing file or rename the file.
    • Note: If you are looking to create a complete new client file, delete the file from Smokeball and start from the beginning by re-selecting the Family Law Software button.


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