If/Then/Else Field Statements

There are two different types of If/Then/Else statements that allow you to add advanced automation into your documents.

You can build an If/Then/Else Field Statement or If/Then/Else Ask Statement.

If you have different versions of an fee agreement or pleading, it may be possible to convert them to one document as a result.

The below If/Then/Else Statement is built based of Field.

How to Set Up an If/Then/Else Field Statement.

  • This example will be built to satisfy the following conditions:
    • If there are children, insert information regarding custody, parenting plan, etc.
    • If there are no children, remove any mention of children from the document. Select the appropriate field
    • Select the field to automate based on, "is" drop down, and insert the statement into your template.
      • Note: Each field has a "number of cards" to help count the amount of parties for a field. this example has selected this field under Child.

  • Once inserted, edit your If/Then/Else Statement.
    • If there are 1 or more children so insert whatever language you desire where "true" is.
    • If there are no children, no information is required so delete any information for "false."

  • If there are children entered as parties in your matter, the langrage around "true" will be entered. If no children are entered, no information will be entered.

Did You Know

  • You can copy and paste If/Then/Else to appear multiple places in a document
  • You can insert (nest) an If/Then/Else Statement (both Field and Ask) within an already existing statement for additional options.
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