Medicals Settlement Details

Under the Plaintiff in PI-Plaintiff, Medicals & Settlement Details is where you can keep track of Medical Providers, Document Requests, Invoices, Liens, and Balances.

Medicals & Settlement Details also includes helpful reports. This section of PI-Plaintiff is also where the details are located to generate a settlement statement.

This article focuses on:


Liens and Balances



  • The medicals tab is where you important medical provider information is stored. Additional medical providers can be added by selecting the "add another provider link" on the left side of the overall totals.
  • Service Start / End Dates, Initial Invoice Amounts, and Balances are auto-filled based on invoices entered below.
  • To override and manually enter, select the check box on the far right of each medical provider.

  • By selecting a medical provider first and then selecting "Document Requests", all document requests can be tracked under the medicals tab
    • Additional notes can be added to each request by selecting the note.
    • To add additional document requests, select the "add another document request" link on the left side.

  • Any invoices associated with a medical provider can be entered by selecting the medical provider and then expanding the Invoices section.
    • Service Start / End Dates, Initial Invoice Amount, and Balance will be totaled added to the medical provider table at the top
    • To add additional invoices, select the "add another invoice" link on the left side

Liens & Balances

  • Any potential lien holders from the Medicals tab will be added to the Liens & Balances tab
  • Each lien holder has a to track whether the lien has been asserted and total claim, lien, and final amounts
    • These amounts will be used to generate the settlement statement.


  • Under the Medicals & Settlement Details, each matter includes helpful reports including:
    • Documents Requested Report: Documents requested dates, and received dates organized by medical provider
    • Medical Provider Summary Report: Medical provider, dates of service, and total amount billed
    • Medical Provider Summary of Outstanding Amounts Reports: medical provider, dates of service, amount billed, and balance due
    • Medical Provider Invoice Line Items Report: Detail of medical providers separated by Medical provider
    • Lienholder Summary Report: Summary information about medical payor and medical provider lienholders including total claim, lien asserted, and final amounts
    • Lienholder and Balances without Liens Report: Summary report with liens removed

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