Create Matter Tags

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Matter tags are used a variety of different ways from firm to firm. For example:

  • Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp Matters can use tags such as “Still Treating”, “Demand Sent”, “In Settlement”, “All Medical Records Received”. 
  • Family Law Matters can use tags such as “No Minor Children”, “Support”, “Visitation”. 
  • Business Matters can create tags for the month that annual reports are due. 

Read on to learn how to set up and create Matter Tags.

Create and Use Matter Tag(s)

Open Smokeball Settings and select Matter Configuration.

Double-click on the matter type you wish to create tabs for to open the Matter Configuration window. Select the Tags tab and:

  • Enter the tag name
  • Choose a Color
  • Select Add Tag

Select the Save button.

You can apply a Matter Tag to a matter by selecting the + in any Matter header. You can add additional tags to matters if a default is not set or an additional tag is needed at a later date, by selecting  Edit Tags on the bottom right.

Users can filter their matters on the home screen or organize them by Matter Tags.

Next Step

Review the Area of Law Practice Center for some best practices or talk with your account manager or trainer for ideas on how to set up tags for your firm.

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