Matter Timeline

Matter Timeline makes it quick and easy to see all activities or actions that have happened on a particular matter. This feature helps keep every staff member on the same page in regards to what has happened in every matter.

Use Matter Timeline to immediately understand the history and progress of your matters.

Matter Timeline Basics

  • Every Matter has a Matter Timeline. Select "Timeline" on Widgets to switch to the Matter Timeline View.

  • Matter Timeline shows every email, Communicate Messages, Memos, Tasks, Events, etc. completed for the Matter.
    • The Matter Timeline is organized showing the newest activities completed. Scroll down to see additional activities.
    • Select any of the arrows to minimize or expand the level of detail provided on each activity.

  • Select any of the activities to open and review the activity in further detail.

  • To set Matter Timeline as your default view over widgets, right click and select "set as default."

Did You Know

  • Smokeball has additional features to help you stay on top of every detail of your matters.
    • Activity Intelligence automatically tracks how much time is spent on all activities in Smokeball. Use Activity Intelligence to make billing easier and understand your profitability. Learn more about Activity Intelligence.
    • Matter File History can be used to see all changes made on any file. Learn more about Matter File History.

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