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A Matter is an digital copy of your paper file that allows you to store all related data, documents, emails, tasks, and other documentation in one place for easy access.

The best way to think of a matter is to think of everything that would normally go into a paper file will exist in a matter except you will have access to it from anywhere. 

One of the best parts about Smokeball is built specifically for your area(s) of law and jurisdiction so every matter type will vary base don what you need for each file.

Once you open a new matter, you can begin entering important details . 

How to Create a New Matter

  • Select the New Matter button from Smokeball's Home Screen.

  • Enter in the Matter Details to create the matter
    • Not all the matter details need to be entered in immediately. However, by entering more information, you will save yourself time entering information when generating documents.
    • The minimum amount of information to include when opening a matter is Matter info and Client info.

  • Double click Matter Info and enter appropriate details
    • Under the matter tab enter:
      • Status: Open. Note: This is where you will change the matter to Closed, Deleted, or Cancelled later.
      • Open Date
      • Internal Reference (matter number) and Re Line can be defaulted in Matter Configuration. Learn more about Matter Configuration.
      • Matter Description can be your more detailed description. Note: Matter Description is searchable in Smokeball as well.
      • Attorney Responsible, Person Assisting, and Originating Attorney
      • Referral Type and Referrer.
        • Referral information entered generates powerful Firm Insights reports to help you understand where your matters are coming from.

  •  It is also important to make sure you set up appropriate settings under the billing tab in matter info.
  • What you select for billing type will impact how time/fee entries or Auto:Time entries default as billable or non-billable.

Billing Type Auto:Time Time Finder Manual Entry
[Not Set] Billable Billable Billable
Fixed Fee Non-Billable Non-Billable Billable
Fixed Fee by Appearance Non-Billable Non-Billable Billable
Time Based Billable Billable Billable
Contingency (%) Non-Billable Non-Billable Non-Billable
Contingency ($) Non-Billable Non-Billable Non-Billable
Not Billable Non-Billable Non-Billable Non-Billable


  • Double click to enter your clien'ts contact information.
    • It is important to always include a title for your contacts. Smokeball uses the Title to help automate gender in documents.

Did you know…

  • Our team of legal professionals work with our clients to make sure our matters are built specifically for your area of law and jurisdiction. 
  • Smokeball creates new matter types by request. Talk to your account manager and request a new matter type if you need a different matter type by contacting support.
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