Personal Injury Matter Tags

Smokeball allows you to create default matter-specific tags to further categorize and organize your matters. These tags appear across the top of the Matter window and on individual matters on the Smokeball home screen

Personal Injury  firms use matter tags in a variety of ways. You can apply an unlimited amount of matter tags to organize your matters or run custom reports.

Personal Injury Matter Tag Examples

How to Assign and or Edit Matter Tags

Personal Injury Matter Tag Examples

Here are some examples of some matter tags to implement in your firm:

  • Further differentiate type of case when using PI Advanced: Slip and Fall, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), Medical Malpractice, Product Liability
    • Note: You may notice that Smokeball has specific matter types for these types of cases, but PI Advanced is all encompassing and allows you to track more important details with all injury type cases. We recommend always using PI Advanced.
  • Status of the case: Pre-litigation, Litigation, Trial, Mediation, In Appeals
  • Other useful tags: Still Treating, Demand Out, Records Request Sent, All Records Received, In Negotiation, Contested Witness, Animal Attack, Dog Bite, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

If you are unsure what tags could be useful to your firm, reach out to your Account Manager for additional help.

Once you assign a tag to a matter, they will appear at the top of the matter.

How to Assign or Edit Matter Tags:

1. Within your open matter, click the  at the top right of the screen. Add (1) Staff Tags or (2) Custom Tags

2. Click outside the tag box to close it.

To add an additional tag within your open matter Edit Tags and add additional default options

Did you know...

  • You can organize your matters on the home screen by matter tags using the filter

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