Phone Messages

Smokeball has a built in Phone Messages feature. Rather than write down a message on a post it note or pink message slip, you can use Smokeball to notify someone that someone called.

Smokeball's Message feature gives you the option to leave detailed notes and email the staff member responsible for returning the call.

The phone message will appear under the Daily Digest and on the mobile app.

More importantly, since a phone message creates a task, it is easier to track when someone calls a client back.

Phone Message Basics

  • Select the Phone Message button on the Action Bar and work from the top down
    • Select who the message is for
    • Enter in the caller's name. Smokeball will search your contacts and add details from the contact.
    • Choose various message options and enter detailed notes
    • Choose to notify via email and send.

  • Phone messages will appear in the Daily Digest and Task Lists

  • If you choose to email the Phone Message, the phone message will look something like this.

Did You Know

  • You can create phone messages from the home screen, but make sure you assign an appropriate matter (if applicable).

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