Starting a Billing Cycle in Smokeball Billing

Once you have successfully closed out your previous billing system, transitioned to Smokeball Billing, you are ready to start your first billing cycle in Smokeball.

This article will point you in the right direction for starting a billing cycle including:

Create or Edit Time Fee and Expense Entries

Creating Individual Invoices

Bulk Invoice Creation

Edit or Write Off or Void Invoices

Applying Payments

Bulk Finalize with Payments

Once you have sent your invoices to clients, Smokeball Billing has a variety of features to help you get paid and complete your billing cycle. Learn more about additional features and completing a billing cycle with Smokeball Billing.

Create and Edit Time, Fee, or Expense Entries

Whether you are using AutoTime or manually tracking your time in Smokeball Billing, it is easy to create or edit Time, Fee, or Expense entries.

Creating Individual Invoices

If you are already in a matter in Smokeball Desktop, select the Billing button from the Action Bar in Smokeball  or search for a particular matter in Smokeball Billing.

Bulk Invoice Creation

Whether you are responsible for creating, editing, and finalizing all invoices, or creating drafts for Attorneys to review, Smokeball Billing has all the features you need.

  • On the left side of Smokeball Billing, you can access your Invoices across all matters. From this area, you can access all the bulk creation options.
    • Select Create Invoices, filter and select the invoices to generate, and select "create." You can bulk create drafts or finalized invoices.
    • Learn more about Bulk Invoicing.

Edit, Waive (Write Off), or Void Invoices

Once an invoice is created, Smokeball Billing has additional options to Edit, Waive, Void, or Write Off invoices.

  • Edit: Moves the invoice back into draft form.  Note: If a payment has already been made to an invoice, the "edit" option will not appear. You must reverse or delete a payment prior to being able to edit a finalized invoice with a payment. Select the "payment" tab on the invoice to reverse a payment.
  • Void: Reverses any payments or transactions and allows for entries to be put on another invoice.  Note: A copy of the voided invoice will be viewable.
  • Waive: Use to write off the remaining balance of the invoice.  Note: A waive can be reversed. 

Applying Payments

Similar to invoicing, you can apply payments to an individual invoice or bulk finalize for invoices with funds in trust or operating retainer.

  • To apply a payment to an individual invoice, select "add payment" on the invoice.
  • Learn more about Applying Payments to a single invoice.

Bulk Finalize with Payments

Bulk Finalizing with Payments is a feature that allows you to automatically apply funds from trust or operating retainer to invoices in a few steps.

  • Prior to using this feature, configure your Bulk Finalize with Payments settings in Billing Settings.
  • To Bulk Finalize Invoices with payments, select the "finalize with payments" tab under invoices.
  • Learn more about Bulk Finalize with Payments.

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