Send Invoices through the Communicate Client Portal


Improve the security of your firm’s invoicing process by using the Communicate Client Portal, Smokeball’s messaging and file sharing platform. Invoices sent through the Client Portal gain additional encryption, are less susceptible to phishing, and will be more secure than invoices sent through email.

How to Send an Invoice through the Communicate Client Portal

  1. Create and finalize an invoice.
  2. Select the Send invoice via Communicate toggle. 
  3. Select the Finalize and Send button. This will open the Send Secure Communicate Message pop-up window.

  4. Edit the message as needed and then select the Send Now button.
    • You can also add the debtor’s e-mail address in the TO: field if it is not already included on their contact card. 
    • Your client will be able to view the invoice on the Communicate Client Portal web page or on a mobile device using the Communicate Client Portal app.


Did You Know

  • An invoice sent via the Communicate Client Portal will be hosted securely on the platform.
  • You can also send previously finalized invoices through the Communicate Client Portal by selecting the envelope icon on the Send column of any invoices screen and then selecting Send via Client Portal
    • This option is only available if the invoice has not been sent out. blobid0.png
  • Communicate will send a message to each debtor if multiple debtors are included on the invoice.
  • Payment links and eInvoices can be embedded into Communicate messages if a payment processor is integrated and eInvoices are toggled on.
    • The Pay Now link appears if a payment processor is integrated and the View Details link will appear if eInvoices are toggled on.
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