Using MatterFlow for Matter Intake

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Learn how to use MatterFlow to collect data from your clients directly and automate this into your matter.

Creating a matter intake form from a lead that came through via LeadPro? Select Convert to Matter on the lead to get started.

Configure MatterFlow settings

MatterFlow involves sending out forms tailored to the matter's area of law.

To ensure your MatterFlow has been set up for the relevant states and areas of law that your firm practises in:

  1. Navigate to Smokeball Settings on the top-right corner of Smokeball and select Intake Forms.
  2. Select the Practice Areas tab and check that your states and areas of law are listed there.
  3. Select Edit to add or remove states or areas of law.
  4. Select Save.

Create a new Matter Intake Form

To get started with sending an intake form to your client:

  1. Open the matter and select the Intake Forms tab.
  2. Select Share Form.
  3. Verify the details of the Contact and Email of the client. Then, select a form from the Form drop-down menu.

    The Form Preview window will automatically populate fields with information from the matter details if they have been filled in.
  4. Choose whether you wish to send this form via the Client Portal or email. Edit the message if needed.
    • Select the Custom Field icon to insert specific fields from your matter into the message.
    • You can customise this message for all matters in Smokeball Settings > Intake > Client Messages.
  5. Select Share to share as a Client Portal message, or Open Email if sending the form as an email.

Create a custom Matter Intake Form

You can easily create a matter intake form with the fields of your choice. Refer to the Create a custom Intake Form article for more information on how to set this up.

Monitor Matter Intake Form progress

Add the Intake Widget to your Dashboard to view the progress of intake forms across all your matters. It can be configured to display a number of all forms or a list of forms.

Learn more about the Smokeball dashboard and how to add widgets to the dashboard.

Manage shared Matter Intake Forms

On the Intake Forms tab, you will see a list of all forms involving the client. Under the Last Modified tab, you can track when the client has opened or started filling out the form.

Matter Intake Actions

Clicking on the three dots icon next to the form will open up a list of actions you can take on the form:

  • View - Access the form from the client's perspective.
  • Send Reminder -  Send a Client Portal or email message to the client as a reminder to complete the form.
    • You can customise this message for all matters in Smokeball Settings > Intake > Client Messages.
  • Close - Close access to the form, if you have collected data from the client elsewhere.
  • Delete - Delete the form. This can only be done if the Last Modified field shows "Not opened".

Send form responses to the matter

To view the responses that the client has entered so far, select View from the three dots icon.

To copy these responses to the matter, select Save Responses

Note: when you select Save Responses, it will overwrite any existing fields in the matter.

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