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Below are some frequently asked questions about the LeadPro and MatterFlow features in Smokeball.

Can my firm create its own intake forms? 

If you are the Firm Owner, you can create a custom lead or matter intake form for your firm. To get started, follow the steps in the Create a custom Intake Form article.

Custom Intake Forms are only available for firms that have the LeadPro and/or MatterFlow add-ons.

How do I view the intake form that was shared with my client?

To view an intake form, open the Intake Forms tab in the matter or lead file. Then, select the three dots on the right-hand side of the intake form and click on View.

How do I get my firm's logo to be displayed on the intake form?

Ensure you have uploaded your firm's logo on Firm Details in Smokeball Settings. This is where the form will grab your logo information from.

Why is my list of intake forms empty?

If you do not see LeadPro or MatterFlow forms when trying to create a new form, make sure you have set up your firm's practising states and areas of law. 

  1. Navigate to Smokeball Settings on the top-right corner of Smokeball and select Intake Forms.
  2. Select the Practice Areas tab and check that your states and areas of law are listed there.
  3. Select Edit to add or remove states or areas of law.
  4. Select Save.

Why can't I delete a matter intake form?

The ability to delete a form is reserved for the situation where you have shared a form by mistake, e.g. to the wrong client.

To delete a form, the client must not have opened it. You can confirm this by checking the Modified column for the form, which should show Not opened.

If the client has opened the form, you will have to Close the form instead. 

I embedded a form on my website. If I edit the form in Smokeball, do I need to generate a new code?

Changes made to the form in Smokeball will automatically be pushed through to your website, so you don't have to generate a new code from Intake Form Settings.

What anti-bot measures are there in the intake form process?

We have implemented secure measures such as reCAPTCHA behind the intake forms website to prevent bots from submitting spam form responses.

Can my firm use intake forms if we are also using FamilyProperty?

Smokeball intake forms do not impact your FamilyProperty setup. You can choose Family Law in the Practice Area section of Intake Settings and use intake forms alongside FamilyProperty's specialised and detailed forms.

My client's email system is marking intake form-related emails as junk. How do I fix this?

When you send an intake form email through Smokeball, your email address will be listed as the sender of that email. Ensure your client has whitelisted any emails coming from your email address. 

Also, ensure that the contents of your email (subject and body text) do not contain spam trigger words such as 'free', 'discount', or 'guaranteed', as this can trigger your client's email provider to mark the email as spam.

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