Customise client messages in Intake Forms

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When sending LeadPro or MatterFlow Intake Forms to clients, you can customise the messaging when they interact with the form. 

Currently, you can customise the messages that go out when:

  • A client or prospect receives an email or Client Portal message to fill in a lead intake follow-up form or matter intake form (New Intake Message (Lead or Matter))
  • Your firm sends a client or prospect a reminder message to complete a form (Reminder Message)
  •  A client submits a form (Confirmation Message)

To customise client messages:

  1. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner of Smokeball to access Smokeball Settings.
  2. Select Intake Forms from the left menu.
  3. Select the Client Messages tab.
  4. Click on the message you wish to edit to open the text input box.

Customise text in the client message text box

The toolbar on the text box allows you to bold or italicise text.

You can also add links by selecting the link icon and entering the URL and the text it should display.

Select the arrow icon to add common automated fields to the message. When the client or prospect views the message, these fields will be automatically populated with data from the matter or lead.

The data from the Firm Name and Firm Phone fields are gathered from your Firm Info in Smokeball Settings.

What does my message look like from the client or prospect's view?

Refer to these sample messages to see what clients and prospects receive:

New Intake Message (Lead or Matter)

Client Portal message


Note: You can customise the subject of email messages when you send an intake form from within the matter.

Reminder Message

Client Portal message


Note: You can customise the subject of email messages when you send an intake form from within the matter.

Confirmation Message

This message appears after the client or prospect submits a form.

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