Learn how to use the Integration with Smokeball to investigate financial disclosure statements and help identify fraudulent disclosures. 

To find out more about, what it can do, and its pricing, visit its website.

How the integration works

Use this integration to:

  • Pre-fill matter numbers and descriptions when creating a new Ruffle Report
  • Upload PDF bank statements directly from the Smokeball matter
  • Save exported files directly back to the Smokeball matter
  • Automatically add a disbursement to the matter when a Ruffle Report is purchased

Connecting Smokeball to

  1. Register with and follow the prompts to set up your account.
  2. Once you have logged in, select Settings at the top of the page.
  3. Select Activate Smokeball integration.
  4. Enter your Smokeball email and password.

Creating a new Ruffle Report

When creating a new Ruffle Report, you can browse through your recent Smokeball matters. After selecting a matter, will automatically fill in the Matter Number and Matter Description fields.

Uploading documents from Smokeball

When uploading PDF bank statements to your Ruffle Report, you can opt to browse files from Smokeball. 

This allows you to select one or more PDFs from your Smokeball matter.

Saving documents from to Smokeball

You can save Word or Excel files from your Ruffle Report directly to your Smokeball matter by selecting Save all Word and Excel files to Smokeball.

You will then be prompted to select the folder in your Smokeball matter where the document should be saved, or you can save it to the main Documents tab.

Saving PDFs from to Smokeball

When saving PDFs to Smokeball from, ensure you download it first by clicking on the download button. After that, select Save to Smokeball from the print dialogue box. 

Recording disbursements from in Smokeball

A disbursement will automatically be added to a Smokeball matter when payment is made on 

This will only occur if a Ruffle Report is connected to a Smokeball matter by:

  • Pre-filling the matter number and description from a Smokeball matter
  • Uploading bank statements from Smokeball
  • Exporting a Word or Excel document to Smokeball
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