Amend your Letterhead

  1. Access Smokeball Settings
  2. Navigate to the Document Containers tab 
  3. Right-click on your (Default Letter) and select Modify

  4. The Selected Container will open in Microsoft Word
  5. Make your changes 
  6. Place your cursor at the front of the Body Content field (Most Important, this is where your cursor will be everytime you use this letter)
  7. Click Save & Close in the top left-hand corner

  • Use the Smokeball Side Toolbar to add Automation Fields to your Document Container

  • You can change your Font by selecting all of the text in your Document Container and right-clicking Modify on the Normal Style

  • You can change Margins in your Document Container by navigating to the Layout tab and selecting to expand the Page Setup

  • Use Show/Hides to help with Formatting your Document Container

  • Double-click on the Header or Footer to make amendments in the Header or Footer
  • To ensure that the amendments to your letterhead flow through to all precedents, you may wish to Modify other Document Containers, such as "Letter, No Footer" and "Tax Invoice"

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