Create an email marketing campaign with Campaign Monitor

Available on Smokeball Prosper+

Smokeball allows you to email market to your clients in various ways. The easiest way to start email marketing is to create lists based on Contact Tags within Smokeball.

Campaign Monitor pricing

Campaign Monitor has pricing based on each campaign you send and how many email recipients.

Cost per Campaign $7.00
Cost per email sent 1.4¢


You will be asked to enter credit card details once you select to send the email campaign.

Note: Pricing may vary and change. Review Campaign Monitor pricing directly on their website for up-to-date information.

Enable Email Marketing

To enable Email Marketing:

  1. In the Smokeball desktop app, navigate to Smokeball Settings.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Select Email Marketing.
  4. Check the Enable email marketing box.
  5. Choose the administrator who will receive an email to continue setting up Email Marketing. 
  6. Once the setup is complete, you can access Email Marketing via Contacts View from the Smokeball desktop app.

Sync a contact list from Smokeball

  1. From the Email Marketing screen in Smokeball Settings, select Add New under the List syncing table.
  2. Choose to sync either a specific Smokeball Contact Role or any custom Contact Tags. Learn more about Contact Tags.

    Note: You can also enter Campaign Monitor and upload a list of contacts there to create lists manually.

Create the email campaign

To enter Campaign Monitor and create a campaign:

  1. Select Email Marketing from the Contacts View in the Smokeball desktop app.
  2. Campaign Monitor will open on a web browser. Select the Campaigns tab. 
  3. Select Create a campaign.
  4. Name your campaign and select Continue.
  5. Add the campaign details, such as the Subject Line, "From" email and list of recipients.

    • Clicking Select recipients will bring up a list of the contact tags you configured in Smokeball earlier.
    • Select Design email to customise the look and feel of the campaign. 
    • Use the Send a test and Preview buttons on the top-right corner to test the email.
  6. Once you are ready to send, select Prepare to send. Choose whether you wish to send it immediately or schedule it for later.
  7. Confirm details for a final time, then select Send Now.

Important Note about spam

Based on spam regulations, it may take some time for an email campaign to be sent to recipients. Refer to Campaign Monitor's approval process article for more information on this.

Access email campaign performance

Your list of campaigns will appear on the Campaigns tab in Campaign Monitor. Click on the relevant campaign to view standard metrics such as open rates, clicks and bounces.

Getting support for your email campaign

Smokeball Support can help with issues related to Smokeball's integration with Campaign Monitor, including Contact Tags and data syncing problems.

For assistance with using the Campaign Monitor platform, such as creating a campaign, resolving email domain issues, or addressing any correspondence sent from Campaign Monitor, please reach out to Campaign Monitor Support directly.

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