Set up automatic matter numbering

It is quite easy to set up an automatic Matter number counter in Smokeball. To access this setting simply open your Smokeball Settings and click on the Matter Number tab.

Setting up your Auto Matter Number

  1. Select "Use auto-number" from the options at the top
  2. Choose your format (For more information on the formatting options see below
  3. Choose your starting number in the Auto counter (Note: The first file you open will be the next number in line from what is entered)
  4. Click Save

Formatting options


The auto counter will generate your matter numbers based on the next consecutive number. When setting up your auto counter, ensure you enter in the number before your starting file (i.e. If you next matter is 001 you should enter in 0)


Text allows you to enter in any alphabetic or "break" characters i.e. if you want to break the year form the number you can use this to enter a / or -.

Date (MM)

If you wish to count the month into your reference number this will provide the format of (MM), i.e. March = 03.

Date (YY) or Date (YYYY) 

For the year you have the option to format as (YY) or (YYYY), i.e 18 or 2018

Image result for light bulb emojiThe fields above can be placed in any order you like. To do this:

  1. Click on a field to add to your matter number
  2. Select the field you would like to move
  3. Use the arrows below to change the order

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