Create a new matter

Available on Smokeball Boost, Grow and Prosper+

Ensure all critical documents, emails, and tasks associated with a client are all stored in one place using matters. 

Matters are Smokeball’s answer to the paper file, but accessible from anywhere. 

Depending on the matter type you select, relevant fields are already curated for you, so you can start entering important details immediately. 

Grow/Prosper+  Boost

Smokeball Grow/Prosper+

You can create matters from the Smokeball desktop app, or the web app. Matters created in one place are viewable from both. 

To create a new matter on the desktop app:

  1. Select New Matter from the Smokeball action bar. 

  2. Select the State from the dropdown menu, then expand the folder with the relevant area of law and select the appropriate matter type. 
    • If you are unsure which matter type to use for a specific matter, reach out to your account manager or view our Area of Law Practice Centre for additional best practices.
  3. Select Create (or Next, depending on the matter type).

Smokeball will open the matter on its own window, differentiated from the main Smokeball app by a dark blue coloured banner at the top.  


Next Steps

After creating a new matter, you can start customising matter details:

The minimum data required to save a matter is a Matter Number located in the Info row, and the Client’s Name (the row underneath the matter number). 

After you’ve created your first matter, consider adding frequently used matter types to your favourites, or create new matter templates to save time entering matter details. 

Smokeball Web App

You can create matters from the Smokeball desktop app, or the web app. Matters created in one place are viewable from both. 

To create a new matter in the web app:

  1. Select Add New from the top-left corner of Smokeball, then select Matter.
  2. You will be prompted with entering more details on the matter, which you can access from the Quick Links rail on the left.

Select the links below for a description of each setting:

Matter Details

Review and edit matter details such as matter number and matter description.


Review and edit Person Responsible, Person Assisting, or Introducer on a matter.


Review, edit, and add clients, debtors, and other sides on a matter.

Here you have the ability to create new contacts to add to a matter, as well as add, view, and edit existing contacts.

Select View to open the contact page in a new tab and upon closing the tab will return you to the Edit Matter screen. The Edit link will display a pop-up box allowing you to edit details without leaving the page.

Billing Fees and Rates

Select and edit the matter's billing type and billing rate. In this setting, you can override the default rate for the matter by individual staff members or for all staff.

Trust Retainer

Activate the evergreen retainer on a matter and set the minimum threshold and replenishment amounts. If you do not see this option, review our article on Evergreen Retainers to learn how to activate this feature.

Late Payment

Set interest on matters with outstanding balances, including any grace period and the date you want the interest to start calculating. Learn more about Interest

Email Settings

Use Email Settings to cc and bcc email addresses on an individual matter. Learn more about adding CC and BCC email addresses.

Invoice Settings

Review and edit certain invoice settings for a matter including the invoice template, title, subtitle, eInvoices, and notes. Learn more about Invoice Settings.

Good to know

You can have multiple matters open at one time creating various matter windows at the top of the web app.

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