Organise and filter matters

Make your matters easier to find by customising your matter views and filters. 

Customise and sort column headers

Right-click anywhere in the headings row to select or unselect the required columns to be displayed on the matters section.


Sort your matters by Matter Number, Client, Settlement Date and more in ascending or descending order by clicking on any heading.


Filter matters by staff, state or status

Click on the status filter menu on the top-right corner of the matters list and select staff's initials to view matters owned by specific staff members.


View by State by clicking on Show and then selecting the state.


View by Status by clicking on Show and then select All, Open, Pending, Closed, Deleted or Cancelled.


View as a List or by Groups by clicking Show and then selecting Show as List or required Group.


Did you know

You can quickly access 5 of the most recent matters you were working on.


Right-click on any matter on Smokeball's matters page to view additional options.



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