Close and archive a matter

Once a matter is finalised, you can mark it as Closed in Smokeball and enter the archive details.

You can change the matter Status from:

  • An open matter file
  • The matter list
  • The matter tag options

The Matter closed date automates to today’s date when the status changes to Closed.

Close a matter from the matter file

If you need to change the Matter closed date to a date other than today, or enter archive details:

  1. Navigate to the matter, then double-click on the Info line. Change the Status dropdown menu to Closed.blobid0.png
  2. When the status changes to Closed, archive options appear in the same window. 

Close a matter from the list of matters

  1. Navigate to the Matters section from the left panel, then locate the matter in the matter list.
  2. Right-click on the matter.
  3. Hover over the Change Status option and select Closed.

Close a matter from the matter tag options

  1. Open the matter.
  2. In the matter file, click the + icon on the header.
  3. Change matter status in the dropdown menu to Closed.

Archive a matter

Once the matter is closed, the archive section appears when you double-click the Info line in the matter file.

Note that:

  • The Archived Date defaults to today’s date.
  • The Destroy Date defaults to today’s date + 7 years.


View closed matters

Matters cannot be removed from Smokeball (even if Closed and Archived). To review closed matters:

  1. Click the Show dropdown menu on the top-right of your matter list.
  2. Change the Status field to the Closed option only.
  3. The matter list will update with Closed matters.
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