Close & archive a matter

Once a matter is finalised, you can mark it as Closed in Smokeball and enter the archive details.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • From the open matter
  • Matter list
  • Matter tags

From the open Matter

Click to Open Matter Info

Use the Status dropdown menu to change the status to Closed

Matter List

Locate the matter on the Smokeball Home screen matter list then right-click and select change status.

Matter Tags

Open the matter then click on the + icon located in the header below the matter description. Change matter status via dropdown menu to Closed


However you close the matter, once it is closed, you will see the archive section in the Matter Info window

Check the Archived box, enter details as required.

Note: The Archived date will default to current date and the Destroy date will default to current date + 7 years. These can be changed.

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