Communicate Secure File Sharing Messaging

Communicate is Smokeball's secure messaging and file sharing system

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Send Messages and Files Via Communicate

There are three ways to send messages or files securely through a matter in Smokeball.

1.  From the Message button within a matter

  • Add appropriate external parties or staff to be included in the conversation
  • Include a message
  • Attach desired files and select share

  1.   From the Files list within a matter
  • Right click on 1 or more files
  • Select Send  Communicate
  • You will be presented with a Share screen as per item 1 above with the files selected already attached
    • Simply add appropriate external parties or staff to be included in the conversation
    • Include a message
    • Select share

  1.   From the Communicate Tab within a matter
    • Select Start a conversation
    • Select your external parties and staff you want to include in the conversation
    • Select Create

NB: The parties will not be alerted of the conversation until a message or files have been sent, as per step below.

Once a conversation has been created, you can now compose your message, attach files and send securely through Communicate

1. Type your message

2. Select Paperclip to attach documents

3. Choose attachments

4. Enter message (if not entered at 1)

5. Send (1) File

If your client or third party have not used Communicate yet, they will receive an email inviting them to view the files/messages
Review Communicate Client Experience for more information on the end user experience

Review Conversations and Files

All conversations through Communicate can be reviewed in Smokeball on the desktop application or Communicate Mobile App.

  • You can review conversations within the matter or from the Communicate Tab on the Smokeball Home Screen.
Select the Files Tab to view only any files that have been shared in the conversation

Communicate Alerts

When a response to a message is received, Smokeball will display alerts on the desktop app and mobile app

  • A red number will appear on the Smokeball icon and Communicate tabs to alert of a new message.
    • Users with the mobile app installed will also receive a notification.

Once a message is received and reviewed, initials will appear within the conversation.   
This indicates where each external participant has read up to in the conversation history

Direct Messaging

Communicate allows you to internally message other staff within the firm.

Direct messaging to each other is available on the Android and iOS apps as well as within Smokeball

  • Direct messages will appear on the Communicate Home Page and on Communicate window within a matter.
  • In order to start a message with another staff member select the "+" button next to Direct Messages.
  • Simply select the person you would like to message and then Go.
You can start a conversation with multiple staff members, just one, or even a combination of Internal Staff & External parties such as your client 

You can send documents to each other just like you can with clients and they can be accessed via the Files tab

Export a Conversation

Should you be required to export your conversation history for auditing purposes or evidence in court, you can do so by following the simple steps below.

  • From the   Button on the top right of the conversation,  Select the Export Conversation to Matter option
  • The full conversation history will be exported to CSV and saved to the matter file list
  • This file can be opened and formatted in excel as desired

Did you know...

  • Smokeball users can also log into Communicate on a web browser to review messages
    • Smokeball users must select the Sign in here link to login
    • All external clients and third parties must enter their email address to get a new secure link to access their conversations.

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