Import contacts into Smokeball

We are able to import Contacts into Smokeball, provided they are exported from Outlook as a .csv file.

If you are exporting from another software, the data must be in the same format as an Outlook export.

Download the sample excel spreadsheet here. 

Please note the examples provided, specifically that each separate person needs to be on a separate line. 

It would be best if you copy your data into the sheet provided and return it to us. Please do not remove or change any columns or heading as this will make the format invalid.

A separate sheet for 'people' and 'organisations' is welcomed but not necessary, so long as the format is as per our example. 


Once your excel spreadsheet is populated in the correct format, contact our team to get this list implemented into your firm. 

Importing contacts from LEAP

If you are migrating from LEAP, follow Step 1 in our Import data into Smokeball guide to find the relevant files to download from LEAP.

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