Duplicate a matter

Available on Smokeball Grow and Prosper+

Duplicating a matter will create a copy of an existing matter carrying over the matter details you have already entered. This is useful when you need to create a new matter that has similar details of an existing matter. For example, if your client is purchasing a property then later decides to purchase another property nearby you can duplicate the first matter to save you time from re-entering details for client, council, water authority, etc.

If you need to create a large number of similar files, for example acting for the Vendor in sale of a new development, the best practice would be to utilise the Matter Templates feature.

To duplicate a matter:
  1. Open the matter you wish to duplicate
  2. Click on File > Duplicate matter
  3. This will create a new matter and will contain all of the identical information entered into the original matter.

NOTE: Workflow tasks and Documents will NOT be copied over to the duplicate matter.

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