Set up matter templates

Save time entering matter information by setting up matter templates. You can set up templates for specific clients that have multiple matters, or for matter types that always have specific fields.

To create a matter template:

  1. From the Smokeball tab, select New Matter.
  2. Select the Matter Templates tab, then select Create Matter Template.
  3. Select your state, then expand the folder to find the matter type you wish to create a template for. Then, select Next.
  4. Enter a name for your template and enter a Category, then select Save. 
    If the category does not already exist, it will be created after selecting Save.
  5. Select the gear icon on the top bar to open the Matter Settings window, where you can add or remove specific fields to be displayed in the Matter Info. Select Save.
  6. Fill in any fields as needed, then select Done.

Use a matter template when creating a new matter

When creating a new matter, you can apply the matter template by selecting the Matter Templates tab. Expand the category folder to select the matter, then select Next or Create.


To gain easy access to frequently used matter types, you can set them as favourites.

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