Record a memo

Available on Smokeball Boost, Grow and Prosper+

Use the memos feature to store quick notes on matters. Memos are useful for keeping notes from call logs, matter logs, discovery, or any action that occurs in a matter.

If you want to bill for any time spent in memos, time is automatically tracked through Activity Tracking. You can choose to include Memos as billable or non-billable entries through AutoTime.

You can record memos on the Smokeball desktop app or the web app.

Smokeball Desktop App Smokeball Web App

Smokeball Desktop App

  1. Open a matter in Smokeball, then select Memo from the Matter tab.
  2. A blank memo will open in a new window. Enter a title for your memo, then type your notes in the body text.
    • Change the date of the memo by picking a date from the calendar icon next to your initials:
    • Quickly add a timestamp to the body text by selecting the calendar with a plus sign next to the font picker:
  3. Select Save once done. After saving, you can close the memo window.

Create a quick memo

Create a new memo from the Smokeball home screen by selecting Memo from the Smokeball tab. This is handy when you need to take notes as fast as possible and don’t have time to navigate to the correct matter.


If you create a memo from here, you must select Browse and pick the matter it's related to before Smokeball allows you to save the memo.


View all created memos

To view all memos related to a matter, select the Memo tab in the matter. From here, you can also add to and make edits to existing memos.

Good to know

  • Memo contents are searchable from the Smokeball search bar.
  • You can have multiple quick memos open at the same time.
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