Matter Timeline

We have developed the Matter Timeline to surface all the key actions conducted on a matter into the one, easy to digest, area.

Users will be able to view all recent matter activities and be able to make key decisions much quicker than before.

Feature details

In the first version of the matter timeline we have focused on providing information on all communications and frequent key actions.

These include:

  • Emails (sent and received)
  • Communicate messages (sent and received)
  • Memos created
  • Completed Tasks
    • Standard tasks
    • Phone messages (left and returned)
    • Zoom meetings
  • Events attended
  • InfoTrack documents returned

Timeline functionality:

  • Smart grouping - Grouping similar activity types together to allow for a cleaner view.
  • Expand and collapse - Each item will have a basic and advanced view. Users can expand or collapse to view more/ less information regarding each item.
  • Auto-refresh – The timeline will update every 30 seconds (approx.) which will ensure that it is always up to date and you can see changes as other users are making them.
  • Default view – Ability to right click on the timeline/widget label and set the default view upon opening a matter
  • Hyperlink – Users can access the original of any activity by clicking on the hyperlink or go to the related tab by clicking on the top level of the grouping


  • Data will be available from 17th June 2020 (not backward compatible)
  • Loads a maximum of 5000 entries
  • Auto-refresh (approx. every 30 seconds)
  • “Widgets” will be set as the standard default view unless changed by the user
    • Setting is remembered per PC
  • Ordered by date ascending (newest to oldest)
  • Grouping is determined based on the type of activity entry. If there are multiple of the one type of activity in a row, Smokeball will group them together.
    • Grouping does not run over days.
  • Users can click on the activity hyperlink to open the original
    • When grouped, the top-level hyperlink will take them to the related tab in the matter
  • Expanded by default
  • If current user completed the activity, they will be referred to as “you”
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