How to record notes

Notes make it easy to keep important matter information front and centre, from quick reminders about clients to matter-specific practice checklists. If you find yourself with Post-It notes on your client files, use the note feature within your matters to make sure no Post-It note goes missing.

Notes Basics

  • Add a note, print, or filter which notes are visible
  • Right click to pin, edit, or delete notes

Create a Text Note

Click on 'add note' then choose the 'text note' icon

Create a Checklist Note

Click on 'add note' then choose the 'checklist' icon

Note Colours

You can change colour of a note and associate each colour to a certain category

  1. Click on the paint icon
  2. Choose which colour to apply to your note
  3. If you want to modify the notes colours setting, click on 'Edit Categories'
  4. Tick or untick to add or remove any colour of your choice
  5. Add a label on any colour to associate it to a category

Did you know…

  • Pin a note to make it appear at the top of the list 

You can also choose which widgets display and change the order in which they display on the matter by moving them up or down.

Click on the ... in the bottom right corner of your matter

This will bring up the Manage Widgets window where you can check and uncheck the widgets you want displayed, and also click and drag the widgets up or down to change the display order.

  • You can create default matter-specific notes and checklists that appear in all new matters by clicking the Matter Configuration: Notes
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