NSW - Letters of Administration

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Create a Letters of Administration Matter

To create a new Letters of Administration matter, follow the steps below

1. Select Letters of Administration > Next

2. Enter the parties' details. For help on this, see Matter Details or Adding Contacts.

3. Enter Administrator Contact Card

4.  Enter Administrator Relationship Details.  Select from the dropdown list

Entering Deceased's Date of Death and Occupation

5. Enter Deceased Contact Card

6. Go to Advanced view > Additional Details on the Deceased Card to enter the Occupation and Death Details

Entering Case Details

7. Enter Case Details

Entering Application Details

8. Enter the Application Details

Entering Asset Holder, Creditor and Beneficiary Contact Cards

 9. Enter separate Contact Details for each Asset Holder, Creditor and Beneficiary


Location of Court Card

The Court Contact Card is located on Case Details Layout.

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