NSW - Probate

This article will show you how to:

Create a Probate Matter

To create a new Probate matter, follow the steps below

1. Select Probate > Next

2. Enter the parties' details. For help on this, see Matter Details or Adding Contacts.

Entering Executor Details

3. Entering Executor Details:

(a) Select Capacity Role from the dropdown list

(b) If Capacity Role is Renounced Executor enter date the Renunciation of Probate (UCPR Form 123) was signed

(c) Select Relationship Role from the dropdown list

Entering Deceased's Date of Death and Occupation

4. Enter Deceased Contact Card

5. Go to Advanced view > Additional Details on the Deceased Card to enter the Occupation and Death Details

Entering Case Details

6. Enter Case Details (you can enter the case number after you have advertised the Intention to Apply for Probate)

Entering Application Details

7. Enter the Application Details (Intention to Distribute and Date of Grant can be entered when known)

Entering Will and Codicil Dates and Witness Details 

8.  Enter the Will Details

(a) Date of Will and the Witness Contact Cards

(b) If applicable insert Date of Codicil and the Codicil Contact Cards

(c) If applicable insert Name in Will, if the name is different to the Deceased's Legal Name

Entering Asset Details

Personal Effects

9. Open the Personal Effect Layout

(a) Select the Asset Type from the dropdown list

(b) Enter the description of the Personal Effect Asset

Open the Personal Effect Layout and select an Asset Type from the dropdown List


10. Select Ownership Type from the dropdown List

       (a) Select the Ownership Type from the dropdown list

  (i)   Ownership Type: Solely, Joint Tenant or Blank - Whole will populate in the Share field

  (ii)  Ownership Type: Tenant in Common in Equal Shares, Tenant in Common in Unequal Shares or Other - complete the Share field


Share Field - Whole when Ownership Type:




Share Field needs to be completed when Ownership Type:

Tenant in Common in Equal Shares                                                         


Tenant in Common in Unequal Shares


Other  is selected complete the Ownership

Entering Real Estate Details

11. Open the Real Estate Layout and enter the data 

Entering Asset Holder and Asset Details

12. Enter the Asset Holder contact details

13. Open the Asset Details Layout and enter the data

Entering Creditor and Beneficiary Contact Cards

  14. Enter separate Contact Details for each Creditor and Beneficiary

Location of Court Card and Witness Cards: 

A. The Court Contact Card is located on Case Details Layout

B. The Witnesses to Will and Codicil Contact Cards are located on the Will Details Layout

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